Ventilation grill also to use in fireplaces, with immovable louvers
kratka wentylacyjna Ventra
available finishes

kratka wentylacyjna - materiał kratka - materiały kratki - materiały kratka wentylacyjna, kiminkowa - stal miedziana

VENTRA it’s a perfect finish for ventilation duct, in gravitational or mechanical ventilation systems. Grid mounted into the wall of the fireplace or wall opening, thanks to the immovable louvers, allows continuous air flow into the room. VENTRA it’s also ideal finish for air conditioning systems in you house and office. On your request we can equip VENTRA grid, in a steel net as a protection against insects. 


  • In housing (fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, boiler rooms, garages, utility rooms)
  • Industrial buildings ( as an ending of ventilation ducts in production halls, warehouses, garages)
  • Public utility buildings (as an ending of ventilation ducts in offices, hospitals, swimming pools, banks, hotels)


  •   stainless steel [OH18N9]
    brushed or gloss
  •   copper
  •   brass
  •   galwanised steel
  •   galwanised steel- powder coated


Grill is equipped with assembly frame, which is permanently installed in ventilation opening, and unnoticeable spring hooks. This solution allows quick assembly and dismantling of the grid for cleaning. Grill can be also installed permanently using screws.


All quotes are prepared individually for each client . For us, every project is a new challenge . The price depends on the size of the ordered grille, the amount of ordered grilles of one model or the size of the entire order . The price is also affected by the type of material selected . If you want to know the price of your order , do not hesitate to contact us.